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We provide a wide range of mapping-focused services, from GIS to community engagement


GIS Mapping and Analysis

We can provide expertise in general areas of GIS databases and mapping (ArcGIS, QGIS), spatial analysis and modelling, multi-criteria decision analysis and fuzzy models, viewshed and visual impact assessment, ecological connectivity modelling (Linkage Mapper, Circuitscape, Omniscape), and eco-acoustics, and web based public participation.
Example: Talladh-a-Bheithe wild land report (2014)

Worldwide Expertise

We have worked around the world with experience in UK, Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia. We have associates across five continents that can help service your wilderness, wild land and rewilding mapping needs wherever you are.


Specific Technical Expertise

Our team boasts a varied knowledge of common software packages, and bespoke solutions. 






Viewshed Explorer

Viewshed Explorer is specialist custom software that provides very rapid, true 3D visual impact assessment based on voxel terrain models and ray-casting techniques that allow for partial visibility, vertical area, distance decay calculations and combined multi-feature impact models. This software is developed and marketed in partnership with Justin Washtell, Subjective Systems Ltd.

Key Publications:

Carver et al. (2021) Guiding Principles for Rewilding

Cao et al (2020) Linking wilderness mapping and connectivity modelling: A methodological framework for wildland network planning

Coa et al (2019) Mapping wilderness in China: Comparing and integrating Boolean and WLC approaches

Carver et al (2013) Keeping it wild: Mapping wilderness character in the United States


Carver et al (2012) A GIS model for mapping spatial patterns and distribution of wild land in Scotland

This video demonstrates the real time viewpoint functionality of the Viewshed software. As the user moves their mouse around the map, the software animates in real time, a representation of the view available from that point. The user guide for the Viewshed software is available in PDF format here:

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